Does your business generate profits if you are not there.

Did you know that the heart can still beat when its not connected to your body? Imagine your business as a heart, can it still operate when its not connected to you? You heart beats about 100,000 times a day, do you make your business beat or does it beat by itself?

If laughing is good for your heart, do you know what’s good for your business? If a hearts purpose is to pump blood and a business purpose is to pump profit – what are you doing today, that you never did yesterday to make sure that tomorrow your business can pump profit by itself

If there is something wrong with your heart – you take it to the experts – What experts are you taking your business to?

Hourglasses are used for time measurement, from minutes to hours, and even a year, and when the top bulb is empty, time is up – how often are you running out of time, managing your efforts in line with your results and rewards is like placing an hour glass on its side – you become the controller of how quickly the sand passes through the hour glass or do you find yourself trying to prioritise but your time is up?

Time is the one thing we want most yet use worst, time lost in your business is loss of productivity, its loss of profits. If you don’t understand where the time in your company is being wasted its just like running a set of accounts and not knowing where your money is going.

The clock is ticking, its time to make SMART decisions – just because you don’t know how to improve something doesn’t mean you can ignore it.

Falling over board can be rather scary, having your own business can often feel the same way

Having a lifebelt doesn’t mean you wont drown, you have to take action and want to hold on, how often do you find yourself treading water in your business and you can see the lifebelt but you dont take action to reach out and grab the opportunity so it passes you by

If it feels like your treading water and going no-where fast, you need to reach out and grab the lifebelt that’s staring you in the face – its time for action – you will either sink or swim, how successful you will be is the sum total of the efforts you make to be achieve that success

Its time to go back to basics and get the wheels of success turning again in a new direction,

– what do you need to off load in your business or your life that’s holding you back from accelerating forward,

If your not an expert call on the experts and get a coach who is an expert that can focus your business and journey with you when your implementing change to be successful in a new age economy, because great coaches don’t tell you what you want to hear – I tell you what you need to hear. Because its only when you are uncomfortable will you seek to change and when you change you grow and you become Powered by Passion – fuelled by profits and driven to success.