Whats the true cost – When you should be paying R13,000 but its actually costing you R65,000 – Im not saying don’t do it, Im saying do it with a plan.

“Time is the thing that everyone wants, but the thing we use the worst. When you schedule for success, you get the best results.

For most people, time seems to decline while activities and to-do lists keep increasing. Have you ever looked at the time and thought, where did the day go? ” says Shelley.

Heres one for the ladies………………

Whats the cost of getting your nails done? Depending on where you are in the world you can pay anything from – $30-$50 in America, 22 – 40 £ in the UK and R500 in South Africa – but that’s not the only cost,

Consider this

· Average time to have nails done – 1,5 hours

· Travel time to get there – 30 minutes

· Frequency – every two weeks

What is your hourly rate? – regardless of the currency you earn or country you operate in, lets just make this round numbers for ease and simplicity sake – Lets say it’s a thousand (many would argue less – I say if it is less than that why bother getting out of bed for anything less?)

So simple equation – Nails – R500 to the salon, 30 minutes travel time – R500 (your hourly rate divided by two) – that’s why its important to find great suppliers close to your place of work or home so your not wasting time travelling and if your in the car and sitting in traffic use this time productively to schedule calls for follow up or better still to close down opportunities,

Time to have your nails done (idol time 1,5 hours) R1500 earning potential lost every two weeks – 26 times a year – R65,000 is what is actually costing you per year– some people don’t earn that in a year.

This is what it actually costs you annually in SA to have your nails done – so what are you doing during that “down time” to make sure you are being paid to have your nails done instead of paying??????

I often wonder if salon owners understand the value they are sitting on if they only stayed open into the evening???????

One of the success strategies I use in my everyday is making my time more productive, becoming a master at maximising not only my time but my profit, when you start applying these principles to your everyday existence, you will find you start becoming more efficient and your path to success and journey to achievement is not quiet so daunting.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day – how do you use yours to power your success?