Not only do I have 25 years of working experience in diverse sectors of industry and an even bigger diversity of clients in the Corporate and Small to Medium Enterprise landscape both Nationally and Internationally,

I have experienced the inner workings and management of multiple companies at various strategic levels of relationships and investor management but I am also a business owner that’s built many brands and been an integral part of launching an endless number of products,

and have converted all my key learnings into programmes so you can learn success strategies not only from someone with text book education but from actual real life experiences that I have had, in doing this – my aim to see you achieve your goals in a shorter space of time than its taken me.

So often as business owners you can get stuck in the trenches running your business that you end winning the battle but losing the war of business and never really developing the art of doing business successfully. I have invested millions into being coached by the best coaches in the industry – why you might ask yourself – well, its easy – nobody goes to a heart surgeon who was not taught by the best, why would you do that with your business?