Success By Choice & Woman Of Success hosts events, provides programs, group workshops and one-on-one Business Acceleration coaching to business owners and small to medium enterprises.
We will work with you to develop your idea or strategy by designing your success process. Our programs and events focus on:

• the message, identity and value of your brand
• preparing your mind to create and receive success
• creating maximum value for your time, resources and efforts
• build financial fitness for your business
• make your value, product/service visible to your target market
• show how to get more clients and lower operating costs
• how to scale your business from small to medium; or medium to large


– If you are serious about creating your next level wealth strategy then this event is for you,
– If you are a seasoned entrepreneur, executive manager, have or don’t have a business but seeking a more strategic formula to success then this event is for you
– We create solutions to your unique problems
– We accelerate businesses and change lives.


– Develop your Brand into a Market Leader
– Grow your client base and increase revenue in your business
– Are in a management position and need a new approach
– Have a business idea and need help getting started


• Apply the right mindset to achieve your goals
• Re-Ignite your WHY for wanting more in life or business
• You will walk away from with great value and a plan to start where you are
• Learn how to find, meet and network with people who are more successful than you
• Learn how to position yourself to be found for your products & services
• See where you are leaving money on the table because you are and we will show you
• Learn how to take action and implement what you learn, faster for better results
• Begin to create process systems for a new or existing business
• Increase productivity by managing your time & energy better
• Learn how to find, evaluate and hire the right people at the right time



• My business is already successful, do I need this?

Yes! Your business may be making money but can it run without you physically in it? Why not double your income or scale? That is what we show you to do and help you through the process.

• I have a job, not a business, do I qualify to attend?

If you have intentions to become a business owner or want to grow into an executive position at your work and make changes within your employer’s business, then you are most qualified. See you at our event!

• Why is this event free, what’s the catch?

Would you rather pay to learn from us? There will be an opportunity to but before you do, we want you to try us once, for FREE. The truth is we’ve seen many free events that provide little to no value to attendees but make grand promises for future if attendees pay. We want you to truly get started, so the information we share at our free events is invaluable. Take it and apply it immediately.

• But I am in a different industry, how will this event work for my business?

While the fundamentals of any business are the same, the application can be vastly different and we get that. You will have an opportunity to have your business evaluated, get a unique strategy and specific goals and assistance.

Shelley Mentor Bio

Shelley Mentor is one of South Africa’s leading Business influencers. Better known as “The Disrupter”, She is a Business Acceleration Coach, and Speaker, with 25 years of industry experience in diverse sectors and an even bigger diversity of clients in the Corporate and Small to Medium Enterprise landscape both Nationally and Internationally, she has experienced the inner workings & management at strategic levels of investor relations , and is a business owner who has built many brands and been an integral part of launching endless products.

Her successful years spent in the SA Corporate Finance sector, receiving multiple awards for high achievement and working with many companies and global brands is the catalyst which enables her to positively accelerate small to medium enterprises looking to grow, scale and explode their profits.

Shelley is often invited to appear on multiple media platforms like Radio 2000, GauTV, The Times, Massiv Metro, KingfisherFM and as an expert voice on several business and branding topics, she has Interviewed global celebrities and been invited to speak on numerous stages. She is the Editor of a Business Column, “The Business Accelerator” on Her Grit Magazine, that is featured in over 52 countries.

The depth of her knowledge and expertise always keep her audience captivated, she is a straight talker and passionately refuses to hold back when she can see the opportunity that lies within. Her honesty will guide you out of your comfort zone. Shelley works with her clients on a winning formula and then prepares them for the process of business acceleration.

Shelley’s controversial approach to business and branding puts SME business owners and women in leadership on a faster track to success.