Fast track your business growth with a Clear & Sure Plan


We help get you UNSTUCK from wherever you are; be it you are a seasoned entrepreneur, executive manager, have or don’t have a business. Our job is find solutions for your unique problem; as a business coaching company, we accelerate businesses and change lives.

Our philosophy is “if you’re not making it or selling it, you’re probably buying it.” We show you where you’re leaving money on the table and how to get it. 

What makes Success By Choice unique is that we implement fast action, that’s the point of acceleration. Our coaching gets you to; start now, get branded, develop a plan, put systems in place, follow the process, get noticed for what you do and how to be invaluable to your team & clients.

Success By Choice is founded by Shelley Mentor, a Business Accelerator Coach & Speaker.

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Success By Choice

Because Success is a Choice

But Without The Right Guidance, You Make The Wrong Choices & As A Result You Are Probably;

  • stuck in a career that isn’t fulfilling
  • do everything yourself in your business
  • your business isn’t making money
  • you’re retrenching staff because your business is stuck
  • you don’t know how to grow or scale your business
  • you aren’t getting clients because nobody knows what you do
  • you spend too much time in your work or business with little returns
  • your reputation is tarnished for true or false reasons

“Accelerate Your Business through Coaching”

You Choose Success Correctly When You

  • Hire a coach to help you reach your goals
  • Follow through on your strategy and implement a solid plan
  • Are sure when and where your money is coming from, regularly
  • Have the time and freedom to do whatever you want, whenever with whomever
  • Are having fun and fulfilled in your life and business
  • Are healthy and able to take care of yourself and family
  • Have peace of mind


Success By Choice hosts events, provides programs, group workshops and one-on-one Business Acceleration coaching to business owners and small to medium enterprises.

We develop your idea or strategy by designing your success process. Our programs and events focus on;

  • the message, identity and value of your brand
  • preparing your mind to create and receive success
  • creating maximum value for your time, resources and efforts
  • build financial fitness for your business
  • make your value, product/service visible to your target market
  • show how to get more clients and lower operating costs
  • how to scale your business from small to medium; or medium to large

Types of Events

FREE Events this is a 1 day seminar to get you unstuck from where you are now, whether you have an existing business, want to start, are a coach, speaker or entrepreneur.

My Business Accelerate (MBA) Events a more intimate three day workshop where together with your business coaches, you get to look into your business and challenges that are affecting you. The coaches will design a success plan for you and help you achieve your goal. Whether it is to start or grow your business.

For The Gr8s Event is for high level coaching where we not only look into your business but also your life. For a few days, we take you away from your usual environment, remove you from distractions and focus 100% on you and your business. The benefit is, you come back with a new perspective, strategy, execution plan, drive and support to either start, grow or massively scale your business.

Team Accelerator Workshop  for small to medium enterprises that need to improve the quality of your team’s performance and results. We coach management and group staff 1 to 3 day workshops to grow your business and brand.


Our “Great Eight” Programs are specially designed to help you do it on your own if you’re not in a position for get coaching from us.  These are tools you can instantly apply to your life and business to see the results you desire.

  1. My Business Accelerator
  2. Success Scheduler
  3. Branding for Brilliance
  4. Seal the Deal
  5. The forgotten Hero – Your Customer
  6. Financially Fit
  7. Spring Clean Your Life
  8. Renew YOU